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Euro Laminate Floors made by Egger 8mm AC3

Euro Flooring
R179 per square meter.

European Import Made By Egger
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8mm AC4 Matteo Laminate Flooring

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8mm AC4 Matteo Laminate Flooring

Matteo Laminate Flooring
8mm AC4 R159 sq/m DIY.

10 Colours available.
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Why Under Floor Heating Makes More Sense

The benefits of installing an under floor heating system in a home, or on a business premises, are so numerous and far-reaching, that increasingly more people are opting for it. It saves money, is more energy-efficient, spreads and retains heat more effectively, and is great for the environment. Read here why choosing this age-old form of heat-generation makes much more sense than going the conventional route.

In this efficient, cost-saving system, electric - kept at a constant temperature of about 20 to 30 degrees - gets pumped through a series of wire underneath the floor. The relatively low temperature means home owners use less energy over time. And yet, it is enough to keep rooms warm and comfortable.

The problem with radiator-based systems for generating and dispensing heat is that it is simply not that efficient. It distributes warmth in the area immediately surrounding it, while the rest of a room remains cold. Moreover, operating radiators is costly, impractical, and time-consuming; it takes up space, requires regular maintenance, and can build up too much moisture.

Since home owners and businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, installing this type of system is ideal. The less energy one uses to create and maintain a warm environment, the more money is saved. Heating bills will drop substantially, especially in the long run, while the inside of the building stays comfortably warm.

There are actually ways in which to boost the already superb advantages of this method of making the interior environment of a home or building warmer. One could make indoor spaces more efficient for regulating heat by ensuring the walls and roof are thoroughly insulated. Double glazing windows is another option, which will push up the value of the property substantially.

The increasing popularity of this heat-generating method has spurred manufacturers and suppliers to sell DIY kits for home owners. Typically, these come with the necessary equipment, and an installation guide that's easy to follow. On the other hand, for the less DIY oriented folks, one could simply call on a professional to take care of it, and enjoy the benefits the system brings.